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“Show it, don’t say it” - Outdoor Advertising

Publicado por Yolanda Fernández on Wed, Oct 23, 2013

International House Madrid decided to change the focus of their
marketing mix for  the new academic year campaign by moving away from
press advertising and launching a bus campaign.

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Outside advertising is always a challenge and one which International
House Madrid decided to tackle as the main focus for their advertising mix this
September. The message focussed on the main principles for this media which
adapt it for the brief but regular exposure it gives to onlookers: less than 10
words in text per panel, contact details focusing not on addresses but web and
telephone, constant public exposure and eye catching images.




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A total of 12 buses which crisscross the main shopping and business
areas of Madrid City ensure that our brand and key selling points have high
visibility and are seen daily by our target base throughout the whole campaign.

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